About the client

Kgalagadi Breweries (Pty) Limited, the Gaborone-based producers of a range of beers, bottled water and soft drinks, inspire Batswana to find celebration in every moment.

The KBL brands represent a new generation of Batswana that celebrates positive, inspiring and sociable spirit that defines Batswana culture.


Nutickets was proud to be chosen KBL’s event management partner and helped improve the event ticketing experience for a series of events:

  • St Louis Fresh festival (Maun & Gaborone) – 12000 and 8000 attendees respectively
  • Redds Live it up party – 2500 attendees
  • Castle Lite Unlocks (feat Frank Casino & Dj Speedsta) – 2000 attendees
  • Redds Ultimix Party – 2500 attendees
  • Budweiser World Cup Activations


In previous years KBL faced challenges with counterfeited tickets and tracking attendance at their very popular events. KBL was looking for a solution incorporating secure ticketing, crowd control and detailed reporting.


KBL pre-printed tickets using the Nutickets event ticketing software and handed them to liquor retailers to give them away with certain purchases. 

Entry management

These tickets had secure QR codes included, enabling the event organisers to scan and validate them at the doors.

Real-time reporting

Event goers were handed customised wristbands, so that KBL could keep track of the attendance numbers throughout the event. The client was also able to analyse the success of each event using our sales reporting tools.