GC Mayors Marathon case study

About the client

The Gaborone City Mayor's Marathon is more than a sporting event, it’s a platform for fostering unity within the city, advocacy for healthy living habits as well as lobbying for community development, private and public partnerships. 


On 22nd September 2018, the Gaborone City Council in conjunction with Club Media hosted the 3rd annual instalment of the “GC Mayor’s Marathon”.

The marathon’s mission was to mobilise at least 8000 plus people for participation, including companies, educational institutions, churches as well as interested individuals. The main objectives of the event was to reignite the city’s spark of vibrancy and investment potential and to promote good health and healthy living amongst the city’s community.


Previously the marathon organisers experienced issues with online payments and capturing data about their attendees. They were looking for a secure event registration software that allowed online payments and at the same time captured customers information.


Nutickets provided the client with an online registration portal integrated with their merchant account to enable them to take online payments for attendees coming from different parts of the world.

Data capture

Our registration software also enabled the organisers to add custom data capture questions to collate and analyse attendee information.


The client was able to build their own supporter data base, which could be used for marketing campaigns to promote future events.