Introducing the interactive self-service kiosk for your event

Cashless, 13 May

By Nicole Afflick

With 64% of the world’s population currently using their mobile to make any type of payment within the last year (Merchant Machine), it is essential to adopt this technology at your events. In order to create a seamless payment experience for your customers, event organisers can now bring RFID cashless payments and mobile payments to their events. Nutickets is excited to introduce our first self service kiosk, which can instantly streamline your event by allowing your customers to take control of topping-up via contactless or mobile payments.

How the RFID kiosk works

The main purpose of the RFID payment system is to provide customers with a straightforward way to top-up credits to use at your event. Using an RFID portable tablet device, your customers begin by tapping their NFC tag usually on a wristband or card, which should then trigger the screen to bring up your current balance, and prompt you to top up if you wish. Once the amount has been selected, attendees can simply use their contactless card or mobile phone to pay for their credits, which will then be updated onto their NFC tag and can be used to make purchases at your event.

The benefits of a cashless kiosk system

Using RFID applications can help transform your event by providing several benefits. Firstly, the simplicity and ease of self service top-ups can reduce the congestion of queues at your events, improving the experience for both customers and staff. Although simplistic, the kiosk cleverly eliminates the need for cash handling, therefore making it easier for customers as they only need to bring their mobile phone with the option of mobile payments. Cashless events also increase security as there is no need for cash handling, making financial tracking and management easy for event organisers. The portability of the devices also gives you the option to host an RFID cashless system no matter where your venue is, which saves money on creating new payment systems at each event.

Our RFID event solution

Using Nutickets Kiosk, you can turn your tablet into a self service cashless top up station for your customers. Attendees can top up with a range of payment methods, including chip and pin, Apple Pay, Google Pay and contactless card payments, which are all supported by a range of global payment providers. As well as creating a seamless event, you can make data-driven decisions as you have the ability to see transactions and product statistics in real-time, so you can then optimise particular areas of your event as it is happening. We provide our customers with cashless payment technology, RFID POS system and branded wearables.

Are you looking to implement an RFID payment system at your upcoming event? Contact us to discover how we can help you achieve that!

Nicole Afflick - About Author

Nicole is our Digital Marketing Executive inspiring and informing our audience through creating eye-catching content across all Nutickets digital platforms.

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