Cashless payments to bring some extra magic to Magical Festival

Cashless, 29 March

By Ellena Mole

This weekend, some of our team is heading down to Sussex for a weekend of cashless and camping at Magical Festival. We're excited to be providing the cashless payment system for this event and we're really looking forward to some of the amazing activities they've got planned. 

Magical? That sounds interesting!

It does indeed! Magical Festival is an arts and music festival with a huge heart. It's held in the beautiful countryside town of Haywards Heath, and focuses on individuality and making people feel amazing. As well as music and arts, Magical is hosting a photography workshop, yoga sessions, an introduction to acting, a paint party, a lucid sleepover and much, much more. There's so many things going on at the weekend, it's easy to see why we're so excited! We'll be there for the whole weekend providing our support and expertise on the cashless payments system that will be used by the festival for the first time.

So, what exactly is cashless?

Cashless does what it says on the tin - it eliminates the need for cash. This is great for a number of reasons. It makes the whole event more secure and it reduces queues at the stalls, meaning that guests have more time to enjoy themselves, and vendors have a bigger window of opportunity to sell their products. Cashless events are a win-win situation for everyone.  We'll be handing out wristbands to every guest as soon as they arrive which they can top up with money there and then. This means they can forget all about cash for the rest of the weekend and put all of their energy into having a fantastic time and feeling amazing. When it comes to making a purchase, everything is done with a quick tap of the wristband, just like magic. 

Find out how the event went in our recent update or learn more about our cashless event system!

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